Japanese Green Tea & Tea Products

Here at Maeda-en, we carry various types of green teas, ranging from everyday tea bags to premium loose leaf teas. Most of these are available on our online shop.

Here is our list of offerings: 

- Re-Q (premium loose leaf teas and Matcha Latte) 
- NAKED GREEN (USDA Certified Organic teas)
- Premium Tea Bag series
- Matcha (powdered green tea)
- Foodservice series (our bulk sized series)
- MatchaBooster / Instant Green Tea series

Every Spring, we also offer a variety of Shin-chas (new crop tea). We import a limited quantity of Shin-cha, and some of our offerings (such as the Oohashiri) are reservations only. We announce our Shin-cha availability through our mailing mid-March every year. To get on our mailing list, please go to Contact Us.


Signature Lines

Our premium loose leaf green teas and Matcha Latte

Organic green tea, Nothing Added, Nothing Reduced, Just NAKED GREEN


Premium Ice Cream (Green Tea, Red Bean, Lychee, Black Sesame, Mango)
The ice cream that started it all! Green Tea Ice Cream is made with our own green tea and does not have any flavors or color added.

Mochi Ice Cream (Green Tea, Red Bean, Lychee, Mango, Vanilla, Chocolate, Black Sesame)
Our premium ice creams, enrobed in chewy rice cake