“Maeda-en, a Pioneer Company in the World Wide Green Tea Business”

  1980 in Texas, our founder,Taku H. Maeda was inspired to introduce Green Teas from Japan to the west when staying with the Lockhart family. He was enlightened to embark on this mission not only because his family ran a traditional Japanese Green Tea business, but because Maeda felt he was destined to make it his life’s work to found a “new generation” Green Tea lifestyle in the U.S., a true harmony of “East meets West”.

  Maeda was born and raised in Nagasaki, Japan’s only international trade port for over 200 years(17th to 19th century). Starting in the 16th century, Nagasaki became a melting pot with people from around the world. The lingering atmosphere of internationalism in Nagasaki strongly influenced a young Taku.

  In 1984, Mr. Maeda came back to Texas and made his dream into a reality with the foundation of Maeda-en, USA. For over 35 years, he has been continuing on his quest to realize the goal of his mission. Challenges, such as creating Green Tea Ice Cream (started 1993) and Green Tea Lattes (started 1999, his founding of the World’s first Matcha Café) are just a few of the steps he has taken. Now, Maeda-en’s Japanese Green Tea is being shipped to over 40 countries around the world.

  We directly import tons of 100% Japanese Green Tea more than once a month from Japan, which makes it possible for us to bring you Japanese Green Tea that is fresh, of highest quality, and a textremely reasonable prices throughout the year.

Taku H. Maeda is a “Pioneer” and “Creator” of Green Tea who initiated the “World Matcha Boom”.



1984  Established G. T JAPAN, INC. (d/b/a Maeda-en, USA) in Dallas, Texas
1989  Relocated to California, opening the first Japanese Green Tea retail store in the U.S.
1992  Expanded and opened our 2nd retail store in California and 3rd in New Jersey
1993  Developed and introduced “Maeda-en Premium Green Tea Ice Cream” 
1995  Started exporting Maeda-en Green Tea Ice Cream made in the U.S. to  Japan
This game changing concept from the U.S. influenced the popularity of Matcha  Ice Cream in Japan
1999  Developed and introduced“Maeda-en Gourmet Mochi Ice Cream”in the  U.S.
Created Matcha Latte at the first Matcha Café “Green Tea Terrace”, in  California
2012  Developed and introduced “Maeda-en Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream” in  Australia
2019  Upgraded Matcha Ice Cream and renewed Mochi Ice Cream packaging for 35th Anniversary




Our Mission


Maeda-en commits to embracing the teachings of Chado (traditional tea ceremony) called "Shu Ha Ri."

 SHU (): To savor centuries of tradition

 HA (
): To shake things up, break the rules

 RI (
): To achieve independence and a new sense of  creativity


This teaching is noted in a poem by tea master Sen-no Rikyuu (1522-1591) and is still used in modern day martial arts training. Maeda-en's commitment to you, the consumers, encompasses our path to Shu Ha Ri.

Authentic: We will continue our quest and strive to bring you the finest Green Tea with the exquisite aroma and unparalleled taste.

Creative: Not only do we convey and superb in Green Tea leaves but we also create new and exciting Green Tea products that incorporate tradition to meet the needs of today’s consumers.

Traditional: As true connoisseurs, we regard and revere the 4,000years of history behind the Green Tea tradition. We seek out true Green Tea products which represents that tradition, and protect the traditions by bringing our customers fine, authentic traditional green tea.

Impressive: We strive to represent the impressive beauty of the Japanese Green Tea tradition through the subtle textures of our packaging and the incomparable quality of our Green Tea products.

Venture: Our company is focused on educating and spreading the century old tradition of Green Tea in new and innovative ways. We have always taken great strides to bring Green Tea to the U.S. consumers.

Ethics: We stand behind our products and promise to deliver only the highest quality products and services to all customers at all times.