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Mugi-cha (Barley Tea)



10g x 32 Bags

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Mugi-cha has always been a popular drink in Japan, and records go back as early as the Heian Era (794 – 1192 AD). The current style of Mugi-cha became standard during the Edo Era (1603 – 1868 AD). 

Most people who are accustomed to Japanese culture know that Mugi-cha, or barley tea, is a summer tea - but it's a great winter drink too! Mugi-cha is caffeine free, full of nutrients, and most importantly, very delicious. It's got heavy roasted notes like houji-cha, but with a malty flavor that many people love.

For cold brewing, simply throw in a pack in a pitcher of cold water and let steep for several hours. Best when chilled.
To have hot Mugi-cha, simply boil 1 pack in a kettle with a liter of water for 3 to 5 minutes and drink up. 
OR throw 1 pack into a large mug and pour over hot water. Remove bag in a few minutes, or until tea reaches desired strength.