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Dokudami Tea Bags


The Dokudami Blend is sort of an odd-ball in our catalogue. For one, it's not green tea - actually, we have a little bit of Oolong in there. And two, it's got several Japanese herbs blended in there, like the namesake dokudami (fish mint).

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  • Herbal Tea
  • 6g x 18 Bags

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Most people think of shriveled ginseng and dried seahorses when they hear the term "traditional herbal tea" because of its pungent smell (in fact, it also activates a gag reflex in some). But when we first released our Dokudami Blend in LA tens of years ago, it became an instant hit because it's so smooth and easy to drink. In fact, it's pretty much like our Mugi-cha, but with more layers of flavor complexity.

Our Dokudami blend is made of the following :
- Dokudami (Fish Mint): said to treat stomach issues and swelling.
- Chinese Senna (Cassia torrea): said to be good for your liver and your eyes.
- Pearl Barley: often consumed in Asian Countries as a beverage.
- Hama-cha (Cassia nomame): said to be a lipase (fat) inhibitor.
- Soy Beans: full of isoflavones, which are said to be good for women's health.
- Oolong Tea