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GENMAI-CHA Brown Rice Tea With Matcha



3.0 OZ.(85g)

best With & After Meals

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Genmai-cha was invented in Kyoto in the 1920's and become popular once a Cha-sho (Tea Dealer) in Osaka modified the tea to its modern method of mixing roasted brown rice. Often referred to as popcorn tea, Genmai-cha exhibits a malty, nutty flavor profile.
Maeda-en's Blender's Genmai-cha is made of Sen-cha leaves and a mixture of roasted & popped brown rice, which is then tossed in Matcha. This extra savory, extra delicious tea is a treat in itself.

For a great cup, infuse a heaping tablespoon of leaves in a cup of almost-boiling water for a minute. Enjoy the toasty aroma that this tea is known for, and savor.