Japanese Green Tea & Tea Products

Here at Maeda-en, we carry all sorts of tea types, ranging from premium whole leaf to instant teas. Most of these are available in the shop.

Here is our list of offerings:

- Grower's series (premium whole leaf teas)
- Blender's series (a variety of whole leaf teas)
- Premium Tea Bag series
- Traditional series (whole leaf teas)
- Matcha (powdered green tea)
- Foodservice series (our bulk sized series)

Every Spring, we also offer a variety of Shin-chas (new crop tea). We import a small amount of Shin-cha, and some of our offerings (such as the Oohashiri) are reservations only. We announce our Shin-cha availability through our mailing mid-March every year. To get on our mailing list, Contact Us.


Ice Cream Products

Maeda-en offers a variety of ice cream flavors, in different sizes and forms so that anybody can enjoy them.

Here is a list of our offerings:

Party size ice cream     weight - 56 oz     flavor - Green Tea, Red Bean


32 oz size ice cream     weight - 32 oz     flavor - Green Tea


Pint size ice cream     weight - 16 oz     flavor - Lychee, Black Sesame, Green Tea, Mango and Red Bean


Individual size ice cream     weight - 3.5 oz     flavor - Green Tea, Red Bean


Mochi ice cream Bon-Bons     weight - 3.5 oz     flavor - Green Tea, Red Bean, Mango, Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Black Sesame


Wholesale Opportunities

Maeda-en offers a wide range of industrial-sized tea and ice cream products. If you would like to start an account, simply contact us!

Industrial-size Teas:

Sushi Tea (Kona-cha)whole leaf & teabagsSen-chawhole leaf & teabags
MatchaInstant Green TeasSweet Green Tea 


We also have the following ice cream flavors in industrial-size (1.5 gallon):

Green TeaRed BeansVanillaChocolate
LycheeBlack SesameGingerMango


Where To Buy?

Our products can be found in Japanese and Asian markets across the nation.
Our teas are available at our shop too.