About Us

In 1984, our Founder and CEO Hiroshi Maeda first established Maeda-en USA in Texas, a place that he fell in love with during his international student days. Selling green tea proved difficult at first in a land where there were very few Asian markets, but his perseverance won his clients over. After successful business partnerships with Benihana Restaurant group and JFC International (the largest Japanese distribution company in the world), Maeda-en moved its home base to Southern California in response to growing business.

As Hiroshi went around selling his teas to restaurants, he realized that the green tea ice cream available at that time did not satisfy his palate at all. In 1993, he introduced Maeda-en's signature ice cream: a Green Tea ice cream made with a tea merchant's high quality matcha. Three years later, he built an on-site ice cream plant to perfect his ice cream quality. Fans quickly followed, asking for another authentic Japanese flavor. In response, Hiroshi introduced his Red Bean ice cream, which also gained a loyal following among Japanese food aficionados. Over the years several more flavors were introduced to accommodate Maeda-en's growing fan base, eventually leading to the current line up of 9 flavors.

In 1999 Maeda-en released its signature Mochi ice cream bon bons, a marriage of a western favorite and a Japanese classic. The growing public interest in ethnic food and Maeda-en's high quality promise brought in many more fans, and new flavors were quickly added to this line as well.

Following suit of the popular Mochi ice cream, in 2001 Hiroshi opened Green Tea Terrace, Inc., a green tea café & specialty brand which focuses on the New Spirit of Tea. After exploring green tea fusion in a retail setting for several years, Green Tea Terrace is now geared towards a more business-oriented direction, and constantly discovering new ways to enjoy tea as a multicultural drink.

In the last 25 years, Maeda-en has been revolving in a constant cycle of the protection and rebirth of tradition. We hope that you will join us in this journey for many years to come!


Our Mission

Maeda-en commits to embracing the teachings of Chado (traditional tea ceremony) called "Shu Ha Ri." This teaching is noted in a poem by tea master Sen-no Rikyuu (1522-1591) and is still used in modern day martial arts training. "Shu (to protect)" is to protect traditions, "Ha (to break)" is to create something new upon such traditions, And "Ri (to separate)" is to part ways with the old tradition, based on the Shu-Ha step. Maeda-en's commitment to you, the consumers, encompasses our path to Shu Ha Ri. We protect the traditions by bringing our customers fine, authentic traditional green tea. We create new and exciting products that incorporate tradition. We strive to create products that will remain in the marketplace as a new tradition, for years to come.



Company Profile

Company nameG.T JAPAN, INC. ( d/b/a MAEDA-EN, USA)
Tel(949) 251-9601
Fax(949) 251-9602
OperationImport/Export & Distribution of Green Tea, Ice Cream, Mochi Ice Cream
Signature LinesGrower's Selections
The crème de la crème! Our highest quality Japanese green tea in loose leaf form.
Blender's Selections
Our Japanese green tea portfolio, with 11 different loose leaf varieties.
Premium Green Tea Ice Cream
The ice cream that started it all! Made with our own green tea.
Mochi Ice Cream
Our premium ice creams, enrobed in chewy rice cake.
Group CompaniesGreen Tea Terrace, Inc.
C.E.O.Hiroshi Maeda
For inquiries, please feel free to email us at info@maeda-en.com